Friday, February 13, 2009

Endo Biopsy

I am approaching the end of my mock cycle and today was my endometrial biopsy. Believe me, I read some HORROR stories and was a little nervous going in this morning. Although my RE offered my an Rx for pain pills, I did not take him up on it. Pain meds make me really sick, so my thinking was that a few seconds of pain might be preferable to hours of nausea. I opted to take Ad.vil instead. I took 1000mg an hour before my appt and I made sure to get a good breakfast of protein and whole grains to keep my blood sugar steady.

Sean came with me and was able to hold my hand which was really comforting. The whole thing went very quickly and was really a piece of cake. I asked Dr. P to talk me through each step and he did. First, the speculum, then cleaning with a giant q-tip and beta.dine. Next, he inserted the catheter which was a little more crampy than a typical IVF transfer or Saline-Sono, but not terrible at all. He had me press down on my tummy, breathe deeply and then the biopsy began - it took just 15 seconds! I had some mild cramping and that was it! He said I did very well and we were "lucky" - whatever that means. It wasn't even as crampy as my HSG. I have had a little bit of spotting, but I feel 100% normal. I am so glad I did not take any pain meds. I know everyone is different, but I wanted to add my positive experience after reading so many bad ones. GL to anyone who has one coming up!

In other news, we were shocked to wake up and hear about the crash of Flight 3047 in Buffalo, NY. Buffalo is such a small town and a tight knit community, I know this must be very difficult for everyone. The victims and their families are in our thoughts and prayers.

Some good news - I lost another 3.5 lbs for a total of 14.8 AND I was able to wear a pair of jeans yesterday that haven't fit me in almost 2 years. Doing a happy dance!

I am looking forward to the weekend, especially dinner at R.uth's Chris tomorrow evening. It is "our place" and we have "our waiter" who knows us well and takes care of all our preferences. He was even able to get us a table when they were booked solid. Scott is the man!

I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day and a wonderful weekend. I hope everyone has some time to reconnect and recharge this weekend - don't forget the romance :)

Oh, no more meds for me after Sunday night! Woo!


bb said...

So glad it went so well for you. I had one and I wasn't expecting to have something like that done when I went into the Drs office, so it was a little more traumatic.

And 15 pounds, GIRL! You are awesome.

Happy Valentine's Day, hope you have fun!

Erica said...

First time reading your blog and new to blogging in general. It has been a very rewarding outlet. It's great to know I'm not alone in my quest to be a mom.
I'm glad your biopsy wasn't too bad. Mine was awful! Maybe I just have a low threshold for pain. Have a nice holiday weekend.

Lisa said...

You know what, mine wasn't bad either. And, I was alone - Glenn was across town having an angioplasty done!! When the doctor finished, I said "that's it? I've had embryo transfers more painful than that!"

My first thought when I heard about the crash this morning was remembering that I used to fly Continental EWR-BUF every week for 16 months when I was working up there. My second thought was you and Sean and your families and hoped that everyone you know was OK.

And, finally, how awesome are you, with the big weight loss!!!

Leslie Laine said...

Emily - you rock! Great to ready such positive news after a rather tumultuous week. Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead - I'm looking forward to it too.

Great job on the weight loss - enjoy yourself this weekend.

Lost in Space said...

I'm so glad your experience wasn't too bad. To date my endometrial biopsy was one of the 2 worst procedures I have ever had done. (The other was a cystoscopy which they said would be tolerable if there wasn't anything wrong and horribly painful if something was.....)

It looks like you have a great weekend planned! Congrats on the continued weight loss. You are seriously kicking ass with this and I'll bet you feel so good!!

Caroline said...

Hi Emily,
I'm glad that things are going well for you. It sounds as though the biopsy went smoothly. Have a great weekend!

Just Another Infertile said...

Glad the biopsy went smoothly. I have heard a lot of horror stories too. And yay for no meds after Sunday! And yay for your weight loss! And yay for Ruth Chris'! Yum! Dh and I are going for a steak dinner tomorrow night too. Sounds like you get the star treatment though. . .

Chhandita said...

Congratulations on losing all that weight, must be feeling great!!!

Happy Valentines day to you too :)

poppy.f.seed said...

that is so great that the endo.biopsy went well. When do you hear the results?
I had a similar experience with the hsg, and it was a breeze, for me.

Have a lovely weekend and valentine's!

Sky said...

Emily, you give me hope that my endo biopsy (on 2/23) won't leave me in a rubber room from the psychological effect of the trauma. ;)

I'm dreading it but I plan to take 4 Advils, 2 Midols and 1 Xanax.

God I hope that's enough!

Kristen said...

I'm so happy to hear your biopsy went so smoothly!

And FABULOUS job on the weight loss!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that the biopsy went so well. Mine was not bad too. But it was added on as a procedure after an office hysteroscopy... which was horrible.
And 15 more lbs... aaaamazing! You rock! BTW... what's the secret? :)

Mo and Will said...


really glad it went well. we have our biopsy on thursday. i hope i have as good of luck in the pain department as you. i was going to take 600 mg ibuprofin but maybe will up it : )

sorry to hear about that plane crash too. so horrible and sad.

congrats on the weight loss - that is really inspirational!


bunny said...

Happy Valentine's day to you too! Glad the procedure went so well, allowing you to be "up" for enjoying your special dinner.

Lisa said...

awesome job on the weight loss! I am glad the biopsy went well - here is to good results...

I am at the local star.bucks using their internet since we will not have any until the 23rd...I will read updates at work this week though!!

M. said...

I was a wuss and asked for a local for my second endo biopsy. You are so strong, Em!

I hope Ruth's Chris was fantastic and that you guys enjoyed your V-Day. You're kicking butt with the weight loss, too!

Overall, sounds like a rockstar week :)

Flutterby918 said...

I had my biopsy back in October. My RE used a little bit of numbing medicine up inside and it wasn't as bad as I expected either. It still kinda took my breath away, but it was so quick!

Angie said...

Sorry this is late, just catching glad your biopsy went well!! Congrats on the weight loss ~ you are doing awesome! Hope you had a yummy dinner at RC's!

sheri said...

I had an endometrial biopsy today!
Not at all as bad as I expected. and, it took all of 6 seconds to do the actual procedure. No problems after either!