Thursday, April 30, 2009

6 weeks

Once again, thank you so much for your responses. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your advice with me. I love how so many new people are coming out of lurker status to comment!

We have decided to wait until Tuesday for the u/s. It is more of a "trusting my gut" thing than anything else, but, the fact that if we didn't see a heartbeat, I would be stuck in limbo for an entire week helped me make a decision because I think that would be worse than waiting until Tuesday. I will be anxiously counting down the moments, but it will be here soon enough, I guess.

I have been taking it very easy since Monday, probably unnecessarily so, but I have not had anything pressing going on, so why not? My anxiety level is way down, but I am not quite back to the happy-go-lucky, little ray of sunshine that I was last week either. I will feel 100% better after the u/s.

I am done with PIO and back on Endometrin suppositories and really hoping that going back to supps doesn't stir up the bleeding. We had an insurance lapse while we were waiting for COBRA to kick in and Endometrin was CRAZY expensive and we already had PIO at home. 2ccs of PIO nightly is really tough on the muscles though and my nurse was anxious for me to get back to the supps ASAP. My butt and hips are sore and I suspect they will be for awhile. Sean is the master shot giver and they never hurt going in, but the effect is cumulative.

I am 6 weeks today and Baby Saucy is the size of a sweet pea and the nose, mouth & ears are taking shape. The little heart is beating, blood is pumping through the tiny body and the lungs and intestines are at the early stages of development. That is a quick development summary from a variety of sources including thebump, babycenter and my pregnancy books.

Symptom checker: The same as they have been for weeks now. I would say my dreams are getting more and more vivid and stranger and stranger. I am ready for a new symptom or two to pop up! I know, I know - be careful what you wish for!

Speaking of dreams, last night I had a vivid dream about my u/s and we saw 3 sac and 3 heartbeats - triplets! Now that would be CRAZY!!! Speaking of, you should swing over to Carrie's blog and read "Could you repeat that?" and wish her well!

Looks like we are going to have a busy movie weekend, busy movie May for that matter. So many good one coming out - Wol.verine, Ghosts of Girl.friends Past, Angels and De.mons, Sta.r Trek...! I can't wait - movie night with Sean is one of my favorite things!

Thank to everyone who has voted on my poll! Keep 'em coming!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update & Thank You!

Well, the bleeding subsided over the course of the evening and by time I went to bed there was only pink spotting when I wiped. I slept through the night and when I woke up, there was nothing in my liner and only a tinge of brown when I when to the bathroom & nothing since. I am still taking it very easy today and Sean is working from home so I can stay on the couch and not worry about taking care of Libby or getting up to get food and such. I am feeling better and more at ease.

Now, I have a dilemma. I called the RE this morning to update them and ask about an early u/s. The nurse spoke to Dr. P and he agreed to move it up to Friday - 6w1d - but warned me that I was on the cusp of being able to see a hb. The earliest they would typically do one is 6w2d. If I go ahead with it & they do not see a hb, they would make me wait another full WEEK before doing a repeat u/s. So, I can take a chance and do it Friday and possibly be even more of a wreck for a week, or I can wait until Tuesday for a definitive answer. I just don't know what to do. Sean really wants to wait it out until Tuesday because he is afraid 6w1d is too early. I would love to hear your feedback and experiences on doing an early u/s.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to each & every one of you. Your stories, feedback & encouragement means the world to be. Yesterday was a dark and anxiety filled day, but your words were a bright spot. It really helped me keep perspective on the situation. So many of you have gone through the same thing and have had wonderful outcomes. Thank you!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Scared & anxious

A few minutes after posting my last post, I was having some period like cramping - different than I have been having. A few minutes later, I went to the bathroom and immediately noticed some pink spotting in my panties. When I wiped there was bright red blood with tiny bits of clots. I immediately burst into tears and began rushing around calling my RE, Sean & my mom.

Dr. P called me right back and started off by asking how much blood and cramping. I told him everything and he said that I needed to go on strict bed rest & stay there until bleeding stops. He said to drinks lots of fluid and to call back if the bleeding increases to more than a period and/or if I am in extreme pain. He said it is normal - 2 out of 3 women have some bleeding in the 1st tri- and that it doesn't mean that I am at increased risk. He restated that my blood work looked great this morning & that I should try to calm down. I asked about coming in for an early u/s and he said unless there is a compelling reason, he really wants to avoid irritating the uterus right now, he also wants to avoid unnecessary anxiety.

If and when the bleeding subsides, I may push to move my u/s up to Friday for some peace of mind.

Sean came home right away and I have calmed down a bit. I went to the bathroom a few minutes ago and there was no blood on the liner, but when I wiped there was still pink spotting. I would describe it as more than spotting, less than a period, kind of like the 1st day of AF before full flow.

I am a nervous wreck. All my hope and optimism went right out the window as soon as I saw red. I am trying to stay calm, I am trying to remember that this can be normal, but I am scared to death.

Please, oh please hang on little one. Please don't take this little miracle away from us...

Beta #3

Beta #3 = 5006. It has been 1 week since #2. The nurse said it is looking good, P4 was "fine" and to schedule my 1st u/s anytime in the next 5-8 days.

I hate to admit it, but I was a little bummed by how much my doubling time has slowed down. I know it is completely normal and I still fall into the average range on, but man 28.2 hours sounds so much better than 54.8! The average doubling time for this 5w4d is 50 hours, so I am damn close, but hey, I am a greedy IF bitch! ;)

My nurse transferred me to the front desk to schedule my u/s and, of course, day 5 falls on Saturday as does day 6 & the docs do not not do pregnancy u/s on the weekends. Ok, day 7 then, I'll take the 1st appt! Nope, sorry! You see, my RE will not be in the office on Monday and they apparently get a little snarky about your primary RE doing your 1st u/s, so I have to wait until Tuesday, May 5th! YIKES! How can I survive another 8 days without knowing what is going on in my uterus??? This is sheer torture!

Per reader request, I am adding a poll to the sidebar to get your input on how many I have cooking in there. If you care to know what betabase says, my betas are right smack dab in the middle of singleton levels, but within the average range for twins. My 28.2 hour doubling time was trending more towards twins, but now could fall into either category. According to my levels trend high for a singleton. So there you have it - a bunch of meaningless info!

Symptom checker - 5w4d: boobs still sore & heavy, sense of smell still strong, still hungry, a little more tired than usual, still have an achy sensation in the uterus. My newest addition - applesauce is now officially disgusting to me and gum is pretty gross too. I wouldn't mind adding another symptom or 2 just for good measure :)

In other news, we had a pretty quiet weekend. Gorgeous weather here in the Mid Atlantic - almost too hot! Sean is a little freaked about Swine Flu and used this as a reason to update the emergency kit - complete with surgical masks. It figures that it takes me almost 5 years to get PG and it happens to be in the middle of a possible pandemic - oh joy! Sean watched the NFL draft for almost 2 straight days until I was on the verge of breaking the TV, thank goodness I spent time with friends on Saturday and missed the worst of it. I love me some football as much as the next girl, but I am so over the draft. We grilled out for the 1st time last night - a big juicy rib eye to share, grilled organic veggies and corn on the cob - it was HEAVEN!

Countdown to ultrasound - 8 days!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

100th Post!

Amazed. Joyful. Grateful. In awe. Happy. Smiling. Hopeful. Pregnant...

I have not felt this way in so very long. I cannot stop smiling, I cannot believe this is my life. There were days I thought this might never happen, that I might never feel such sheer joy ever again. I never want this feeling to end.

I know it is early, I know anything can still happen, but I am committed to enjoying each & every day of this pregnancy. There are things that are beyond my control, but I can't obsess over them. This is further than I have ever been before and for today, that is enough.

This is my 100th post & so much has happened in the last year and a half. There were some dark and bitter moments along the way & some glimmers of hope too.

It is amazing how much your life can change in just one week with just one phone call...

I can't even comprehend how much I already love this little baby growing inside of me. Can you believe that at just 4 weeks and 6 days, just 20 short little days of life, there is another heart beating inside of my own? It astounds me every time I think about it. I love that my baby's heart began beating today - the day of my 100th post - such a milestone on this long and painful journey.

When I began blogging I never imagined how much lay ahead of me - how many stories would move me to joyful tears or heartbreaking sobs, how many women would inspire me and root for me, how I would care so deeply for so many families I have never even met, how many friends I would make a long the way, or how much pain & heart break was would come with every failed cycle and mostly, I never could have imagined how much joy was awaiting me on this journey.

I am humbled by this miracle growing inside of me. I hope and pray everyday that this baby is a fighter, that he or she will grow big & strong, that my body gives this baby what it needs to thrive, that this will finally be our happy ending...

I feel like a new person & I like this woman very much!

Monday, April 20, 2009

4w4d - Beta #2

First things first, my 2nd beta was this morning and my levels have really taken off. My beta was 56 on Thursday and since they are supposed to double every 48-72 hours, we were expecting a # between the mid100's-mid200's today. I was shocked and elated when my nurse told me my beta was over 600!!!!!!! Woo-hoo! Looks like I'm baking one tough, strong cookie! My nurse said it was a "beautiful and impressive number!" Doubling time of 28.35 hours. My p4 is over 30 which is also quite a jump from Thursday.

Sean & I spent the weekend on Cloud 9. We went to and Noble on Friday and I picked up What to Expect and Your Pregnancy Week by Week and perused some pregnancy magazines. Sean even peeped at a baby name book! It melted my heart. You should have seen how proud I was walking through the store with my VERY OWN pregnancy books! I signed up for and spent the weekend soaking up pregnancy related info. On Sunday, we went to the mall and even allowed ourselves to walk around PBK. Sean was so cute. He fell in love with the Lullaby Rocker! He has been joking all weekend that he is going to be working an awful lot over the next 8 months to afford all the cute things we Ooohed and Ahhhed over.

He has also been spoiling me rotten. He cleaned the whole first floor, did all the yard work, cooked and ordered to me to the couch & wouldn't let me lift a finger whenever we were home. He is very overprotective right now and I would be lying if I said I didn't love it!

My parents are giddy. My stepfather has nicknamed the baby Ralphie and every time I call he says,"Ralphie's Mommy is on the phone!" We crack up every time, but have to remind him that Ralph is not even on our top 10,000.

Despite having a wonderful weekend, I had some major anxiety going into this morning's blood work. I had a tiny bit of brown spotting on my liner last night and this morning when I wiped there was some brown tinged mucous on the t.p. Most of my symptoms have been very mild and even subsided a little since last week. It was kind of a stressful morning - we had a toilet overflow and traffic and weather were terrible so my anxiety was SKY HIGH by time I got to my clinic. My nurse reassured me that the spotting was normal and might even be in part from switching from Endometrin to PIO (the endometrin was uber expensive and I already have 2 vials of PIO, so we switched).

Needless to say, my anxiety quickly switched to elation when I heard about my beta number. What a roller coaster!

Symptom Checker: boobs are much less sore than they were, but I have had a shooting pain in my left one on and off. Last night, I had a sharp, shooting pain/cramp on the left side of my lower belly. I fell asleep on the couch around 9pm which is super early for me, so I guess I was pooped. I am very thirsty and am drinking lots and lots of water. I feel kinda yucky ever since I ate lunch today - sorta like I have a stomachache. Super sharp sense of smell continues - I feel like I smell people's perfume, breath, detergent, shampoo etc...

My clinic doesn't want to see me again until NEXT Monday for another beta and my u/s is in approximately 2 weeks, but it is not on the scheduled yet. I guess I just need to try to relax and enjoy the next week and try not to stress too much about what is going on in there.

Still in awe..still amazing...back on Cloud 9! The Year of Hope has been very good to us so far...

Friday, April 17, 2009

4 weeks & Tales from Beta Day!

First, thank you all so much for your incredible words of support and congratulations! Sean & I were all teary eyed reading all the comments last night. You are the most amazing group of women I have ever had the pleasure to know. To hear that my story has given you hope is unbelievable to me! I know that feeling so well, I remember the stories that gave me hope and still give me hope each day.

Second, I can hardly even believe I am typing this, but I am 4 weeks pregnant and according to Babycenter, our little one is the size of a poppy seed. The baby (babies?) is also working on a primitive placenta & an amniotic sac. INCREDIBLE!!! My due date is Christmas Eve! Sean & I met at Christmas and were engaged at Christmas, so it is a very appropriate time for our miracle to arrive!

Third, I promised you all the beta day details, so here we go!

Sean & I woke up at 6:15 on Thursday, got ready and headed out for the clinic a little after 7am. I was still feeling calm and dare I say, perhaps even a little bit confident. My nurse was thrilled to hear that I had not tested and drew my blood a little after 8am. She instructed me to call between 1-2pm for results.

Sean & I made a plan: I was to drop him at the office, spend the morning with Amanda , pick up Sean up at the office around 12pm, grab lunch, drive home & call the clinic together after 1pm.

Great plan, right? Well, the universe had other plans...

I arrived at Amanda's after 9am and we had a yummy Pan.era breakfast and decided to head to Tar.get. We were chatting & getting ready to leave when my cell rang.

Me: (panicked) IT'S THE CLINIC!!!
Amanda: (excited) Are you going to answer it?

Me: (shrieking) NO!!!
Split second decision, answer the phone.
Me: (scared to death) Hello?

Nurse: Emily? You know how you said you weren't really feeling too much?

Me: (hesitantly) Yes...

Nurse: Well, you better get ready because you are going to be feeling a lot pretty soon. (long pause)

Me: (more shrieking, lots of disbelief) AM I PREGNANT?????

Nurse: YES!!! Congratulations.
Me & Amanda: Commence screaming and hysterics and of course, crying!

The nurse & I exchanged more details such as beta #, which I thought was 54, but learned today was 56, next beta which is Monday, lots more congratulations and disbelief.

Amanda was shooting photos the whole time and as soon as I hung up, we hugged and screamed and cried some more. I was stunned and completely caught off guard by the early phone call.

I decided to call my mom and more crying and hysterics ensued. She was OVER THE MOON to hear she was going to be a Grandmother.
I felt a little guilty that Sean hadn't been there for the big news, but immediately began formulating a new plan to surprise him.

I told Amanda I wanted to go to Tar.get for a bib or onesie and some balloons. She loved it! We rushed out the door and the plan was in action.

In the mean time, Sean calls my cell phone because he is trying to book a week at the beach for June and needs my input. I am dying inside, bursting to tell him, but I stay calm, cool and collected the whole time on the phone. The secret is safe!

Found this bib & onesie @ Tar.get, it says, "Daddy's Little Sunshine" and balloons at Par.ty City. I picked a congrats balloon and a Happy Bday balloon since transfer was on Sean's birthday and we had talked about how a BFP would be the greatest gift ever.

We arrived at the office pretty close to 12pm, so Sean wasn't entirely shocked to see me walk in the door. He was perplexed by Amanda and Nolan and of course, the gift bag and "Happy Birthday & Congratulations" balloons. He was like, "What's this?" I said, "Happy Birthday! Open it!"

He pulls out the onsie and bib and is extremely confused and asks, "What does this mean?"

I reply, "WE ARE PREGNANT!" He says with trepidation, "How do you know that?" I explain and he jumps up, hugs me so tight and gets very emotional. Much more excitement and congratulations ensued from all Sean's coworkers. It was an AMAZING moment. Amanda videotaped the entire thing and I am so thankful she was able to document it, especially since our families are long distance.

I thought that infertility and IVF had taken a lot of the surprise factor out of the BFP announcement, but was I ever wrong! Yesterday was one of the best and most emotional days of my life. It was very cool being surprised by the nurse and the icing on the cake to be able to surprise Sean like that. I have not stopped smiling.

We all left the office and began calling family as soon as we got into the car. Everyone was very excited and emotional. We felt like screaming it from the rooftops and between the phone, the blog and, we pretty much have!

We had a celebratory lunch and then hit up Tar.get again for the all important DIGITAL!!! I promptly peed on it upon arriving home and "PREGNANT" popped up in less than 30 seconds. Another amazing moment!

We spent the rest of the afternoon in awe and total disbelief. I kept saying to Sean, "Can you even believe it???" and he would just shake his head. Every time I heard him tell someone he was going to be a Dad, I got teared up all over again.

Even though our families could not be there, I know they will love seeing Amanda's video. It was such a departure from the original plan, but it could not have worked out any better!

In retrospect, I think I knew I was pregnant. As beta got closer, I felt more calm and confident. I think I was just afraid to admit it to myself, although by that morning I told Sean I thought it was about an 80% chance of a BFP. Both my mom and Sean's mom said they had a good feeling and Christi said she knew when I started posting my symptom checker.

Speaking of, here is the latest installment!
Symptom checker: Getting very crampy! All day yesterday and today I am feeling cramps and pulling and activity. My boobs are HUGE and sore. They are also very, very veiny. Sean is in awe of the boobs and said that the boob fairy has paid me a visit :) I am also hungry every 2 hours or so. My sense of smell is heightened & am having very detailed, vivid dreams.

I am having my beta rechecked on Monday, u/s in aprox 2 weeks and I have my first ob appointment on May 15th , which continues the birthday theme - it's my stepdad's bday!

I can't tell you how excited we both are. I can't wait until Sean gets home so we can go to & Nobl.e! I plan to enjoy every moment as it comes and not worry about all the things I cannot control. I hope and pray that our miracle is growing healthy, big & strong...

Thank you for reading, commenting and cheering me on! I cannot wait to share this phase of my journey!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

8dp6dt - Beta Day


Joyfully, blissfully, happily, PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beta = 54!!

Over the moon. Story and details to come.

Thank you all for all the support and good vibes over the past few days.

It really is the best day ever...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

7dp6dt - Calm **Updated***

Miraculously, the anxiety is gone & I feel calm going into beta tomorrow. I have felt this way all day today & hope it continues through the morning.

I was dangerously close to POAS last night, but alas, no sticks in the house and a certain package from a certain someone (you know who you are!) that is rumored to contain evil sticks did not arrive. The whole way home from work I'm thinking, "Ok, if the package is there, it is a sign from the universe to test. If not, I'm out of luck and I will wait until beta." Walked in, had to pee sooooo bad, had been holding it for hours and NO PACKAGE, NO STICKS, NO DICE! My fate was sealed, wait until beta.

Ever since, I have been calm, cool & collected.

Beta anytime between 7am-9am, going to Amanda's to occupy myself, results between 1-2pm...EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!

I feel good, I feel hopeful, I feel optimistic, & I am thinking positively. Everything went according to plan - good thaw, good growth, 2 blasts to transfer, one hatching on its own, good hormone levels, smooth transfer, nice lining, some possible symptoms/side effects, no breakdowns, no blood (which can be a good thing, but it terrifies me), no terrible sinking feeling...

Did I mention tomorrow is my doggy, Libby's, birthday? Transfer on Sean's birthday, results on Libby's birthday - works for me!

Please, oh please let tomorrow be the best day of our lives........

16 hours and counting!

*** the package has landed and it contains 2 HPTs from my angels Christi & Jill. One lucky mojo HPT from each of their BFP cycles. Sweetest gift ever, completely made my day and it totally making me rethink my plan ;)! I am off to work for several hours so that will give me some time to think...Thank you ladies!!!*****

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

6dp6dt - Anxiety

No major freak out yet, but my anxiety level is definitely on the high end of the spectrum. I know that I could test and get a trustworthy result, but I don't think I am ready to know yet. I would want to use FMU & that window of opportunity has passed for today & tomorrow morning I have tutoring first thing in the am, so that it not at all ideal. So, that leaves Thursday which is Beta Day anyway... I am thinking I am just going to wait it out - change it up!

Two things have happened that have left me feeling a little doubtful. First, my boobs do not hurt AT ALL today. Now, I know I have said myself that there is no rhyme or reason to the soreness that results from the endometrin & that it varies day to day, hour to hour, but it is almost nonexistent right now. In my past 3 cycles, once my boobs stopped hurting, my period was only a day or two away. It was my sign that my IVF BFN was inevitable. In the past though, my wait until beta was closer to 3 weeks long and AF was already due/overdue, whereas right now she is still anywhere from 5-7 days away. But still, to me no sore boobs = no baby.

Second, I had a sex dream last night. It sounds silly, but in at least 2 of the 3 IVFs, I had a sex dream late in the 2ww and sure enough, my period was here within days.

Put these things together and I feel like they are harbingers of doom. I feel like the boobs settling down and the dreams are indicative of subtle shifts in my body's hormones as I near the end of the LP.

I am probably reading way too much into things, but this close to beta, the doubt and anxiety and emotional roller coaster are inevitable.

I wish I had a concrete symptom, but really is there such a thing?

The truth is, I feel remarkably the same as I did with my 3 failed IVFs - mostly normal with a few progesterone & estrogen based side effects thrown into the mix. I have heard women say they "just knew" something was different on their BFP cycle, or the symptoms were subtly different enough that they had a clue that this might be it. I can't say I feel that way. I am still hopeful, still optimistic, still positive, but I wish I knew for sure, or had a strong sense about it one way or another. I will say I was pretty sure IVF #3 did not work and I was right about that and I do not have that feeling either.

AHHHHHHHH!!!!! It is maddening! Such a mind fuck! My wait is so short this time compared to my near 3 week HCG booster shot induced waits of the past, but I am realizing that regardless of how long or short your wait is, anxiety level is directly correlated to how close you are to beta. Man, am I close...

2 days until Beta!

Can I please be sedated now???

Monday, April 13, 2009


The weekend is over, the house guests are gone and my distractions have dried up. All in all, I am hanging in there. Feeling hopeful and positive. Not really obsessing too much. Not feeling the compulsive need to POAS and am leaning towards not doing it at all. No 2ww breakdowns - yet.

We had a really nice weekend with Sean's brother and family. We went out for crabs, went to a museum, out to one of our fave spots for Greek food, watched movies, laughed, talked family stuff, cooked & relaxed. Easter brunch at our house was lovely and it was a nice, relaxing day with family & friends. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter & holiday weekend.

This week is a regular week of tutoring for me & having a schedule & a routine is a good thing :)

Symptom checker: Yesterday I felt pretty normal all day long. Bad taste wasn't as noticeable. Boobs were a little sorer than normal and veiny at night. I had night sweats and woke up to pee twice. When I went back to bed after my 2nd potty trip, I had a very sharp and unusual pain on my left side.

Today: feeling lots of twinges & twangs in the uterus, especially on the left, but I can't say with certainty that it is any different than any other IVF cycle. Hungry! Boobs feel less sore today, but are large and I even broke my bra :) Popped the under wire right through! Tired, but we have been pretty busy since Friday. I have also been more than "regular" - I swear I'm like a puppy - feed me and 20 minutes later, potty break! TMI - sorry ;)

I feel like the signs from the universe continue smacking me in the face every time I turn around. The 10 yr old I tutor is reading a story about a mom having twins, the 17 year old just started the human reproduction unit - complete with pics of embryos, blasts, and fetuses- and the 13 year old just got the word "baby" for her 4th quarter project. The modern art museum went to had lots of fertility/mother related pieces. Realistically, I am probably just wayyyy more in tune to it than usual, but I like it all the same.

Overall, I feel hopeful and optimistic. I have managed to keep the doubt from creeping in too much. I am ready for it to be Thursday!

Hold on little ones...hold on.

3 days until Beta!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Sign from the universe: Alarm goes off at 6am for Sean's tee time and the very first notes of Jack & Dianne were playing. We giggled and listened & imagined the possibilities.

Symptom checker: All is quiet on the uterine front. CANNOT get rid of horrible taste in mouth - metallic & yucky! Boobs possibly slightly more heavy feeling today, but I find the Endometrin leaves them feeling a little different on a day to day basis.

Plan for the day: Visit a museum, prep some stuff for brunch, spend time with the fam, quietly obsess & wonder...

Countdown to Beta: 5 days!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Officially ended bed rest around dinner time last night. Decided to head to the grocery store with Sean after all. He is good, but not that good :) I would trust him with a basic list, but it was all my Easter brunch ingredients, so I thought I would spare us both the torture & just go with him. No worries, I didn't do any lifting and took it very slowly. It felt good to be up off the couch and getting the blood flowing and energy moving.

I worked for a few hours this morning & did a couple of last minute things around the house before company arrives. Sean's brother, his wife & our teenage nephew should be here within the hour. Looking forward to hanging out, eating good food, playing lots of board games and laughing! Going out for crabs tonight - YUM!

Symptom checker: still feeling some pulling on right hand side & some tiny twinges all around. Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy last night. Had vivid and strange dreams. Bad taste in my mouth all morning, but that could be the steroids - they taste nasty & powdery - blech! Overall, I feel 100% normal and probably would never notice any of this except for the over analysis that is happening 24/7.

Relaxing for a bit before the weekend is in full swing! Happy Easter everyone ~ have a lovely weekend!

6 days until beta!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

1dp6dt - Implantation Day?!?

After consulting Dr. Google obsessively and talking with our embryologist during transfer, it appears that today is the big day for Jack & Diane/Ben & Jerry! Will they or won't they???

I am nervous and hopeful and feeling like it is all out of our control. All the humans have played their parts and now we need a little help from God, Fate, Destiny, Mother Nature...this is truly where medicine meets miracle, the joining of the hands of God & science.

I am following instructions and staying flat on the couch. Sean spoiled me and pampered me last night and I only got up to potty and head up to bed. He had to go back to work today, but he cooked me breakfast & lunch before he left. Cheesy eggs and toast for breakfast and Ring O'Noodle soup with egg & a pb&j sandwich on whole grain for lunch. He even laid out a cheese stick, yogurt and pineapple for snacks. He is the best! He should be home early tonight and I am contemplating joining him on a trip to the grocery store to do our Easter Brunch shopping. Playing that by ear though!

In the mean time, I have spent a lot of time online, watched trashy TV - 90210 baby! - a few episodes of a Baby Story, developed my Easter Menu, made a grocery list, and talked on the phone. On the horizon, meditate and a nap, maybe a's a good life!

Symptom checker: Nothing at all. Possible pulling on the right side, but I could be making that up:) Already been on the progesterone for a week, so pretty accustomed to those side effects, which are mild at this point.

Oh please, oh please let this be the day...

7 days until Beta!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

FET Madness - Transfer Day!!!

Transfer day is my favorite day of an entire cycle - I always feel so peaceful, content, hopeful and optimistic. I have my embies back home and that is the best feeling!

We called in this morning to discuss how many to transfer & the embryologist said there really wasn't much to decide on - we had 2 blasts and they recommended transferring both. Sounded good to us, but we are neurotic and had a billion more questions for her.

She explained that our mediocre blast from yesterday had actually expanded more and improved slightly though they were grading it a 4CC. You can read more about blast grading here, if you want to know more. 4 being pretty good, but the C's not so much. She said that they are changing so rapidly at this point that there could be improvement before transfer. They would be performing Assisted Hatching on this little guy to help him along.

The 2nd blast to transfer was a 6 BC - 6 being the best possible score. It was awarded this high score because it had already hatched on its own!!! Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you!

Another early blast had formed and they wanted to watch it for possible freeze, while the other early blast from yesterday had failed to progress.

We headed in with a full bladder for transfer at 11:30. Sean & I were feeling giddy with excitement that after 3 failed IVFs, we actually had some blasts to transfer. This is the furthest we have ever gotten and after a few anxious days, we are over the moon to have some blasts to put back!

Here's a couple pics of me before leaving for transfer today. The second one is me looking puffy and awful and downright giddy, but Sean says is cracks him up because it totally captures my joy over these little blasts. The first is of me and Libby, our first born, our best girl, the light of our lives...

They had more good news for us when we arrived, our little 4CC was changing and after using AH, they had improved their grade to a BC! While we are trying not to get too caught up in the grading system, we were still thrilled to see improvement. I have transferred perfect embryos before with no implantation and know of plenty of woman who have transferred ugly little ones and ended up pregnant with one, two or more. I am just beyond excited to have blasts - ugly, beautiful or anything in between!

Transfer was ultrasound guided and smooth as can be. Sean was able to come back with me and hold my hand the entire time, which was such a nice treat. Our clinic does not have private rooms for transfer, so if there is anyone is recovery from ER or also having ET, no husbands can come back for privacy reasons. We were late enough in the morning that it was pretty empty so we had the space all to ourselves.

Dr. P was thrilled that we had met our goal and grown 2 multi cells out to blast stage. He was optimistic and wished us well. The embryologist spent some more time talking with us and said they were really happy with the progression of the embryos and she put our odds of pregnancy around 40% or better. She said success rates for a regular FET with a multi celled embryo or thawed blast would be around 20%, so we effectively doubled our chances by getting the little ones to blast. She said it was as close to fresh cycle odds as we could get with the added benefit of FET being a much more natural state for the body to be in.

We got to see some pics of the blasts, though we did not ask to take them home. The clinic team has their own superstitions and they don't like to give pics to patients until a positive beta. In cycles 1 & 2, we bucked their system and took the pics, but this time, we are going with the flow and being superstitious right along with them :) We are nicknaming the blasts, but are torn between Jack & Diane and Ben & Jerry. Love them both. Thoughts?

I laid there for 30 minutes and was in agony by the end - I had to pee SO freaking bad it hurt. My blood work was in by time we left and my E2 was 249 and my P4 was 15.2. The nurse said those were perfect, though my P4 dropped off about 5 points since Weds, but if they are not worried, I am not worried. Anyone know what they like them to be at this stage of an FET?

I spent the ride home reclined in my seat and Sean has been pampering all day - he picked up white pizza and Greek salad for lunch which was yummy! He also bought me my favorite yogurt, fresh pineapple and bananas. I plan to stay flat on the couch all day today and probably tomorrow as well. The embryologist said my implantation window is 24-48 hours, so I should take it easy for the time being. We have a busy weekend ahead, so I plan to rest up while I can.

All in all, a very good day. Wishing my amazing husband, Sean, a very Happy Birthday today and hoping I can give him the greatest gift of all this year... I LOVE YOU!

Thank you ladies - your strength & support amazes me daily!

Beta in 8 days!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FET Madness - Day 20 - Still Growing

Transfer was a no-go for today. When we called to check in the embryologist said she was "on the fence" and wanted another look at them. She called us back 45 minutes later and said we would wait until tomorrow to transfer.

We had 1 fully formed blast but she said the quality was "mediocre." We also have 2 early blasts that she said showed promise. The remaining 3 have shown some progress, but they are not expecting much.

She feels that by waiting until day 6, we will have the full picture and hopefully a better selection of the blasts and some good quality stand outs.

I asked if this was a bad thing and she said, "Not at all. Day 6 is a common transfer day for FETs. The embryos can be slow to wake up as a result of the trauma of freezing."

I asked if we run the risk of losing them in the next 24 hours and she promised me a blast to transfer tomorrow. That is totally out of her control, but I do trust her!

That was about the extent of things. I call tomorrow @ 10am to chat with Dr. P about how many to put in and transfer is scheduled for 11:30!

Sean is excited that he gets to celebrate his birthday by bringing "home" the embies and having a stay at home day :)

I managed to score a haircut and pedi for today - treating myself to some spoiling! We have family coming in for Easter so I have some loose ends to tie up anyway. Looks to be a busy day after all! Thanks for all the support and good vibes!

Grow little ones, grow!

Monday, April 6, 2009

FET Madness - Day 19 - Growth Report

Today's call from the embryologist revealed that 2 of our embies are compacting and on their way to *hopefully* becoming blasts. One more is growing sloooooowly and the remaining 3 have yet to progress.

I remain hopeful for our 2 little strong ones to keep on doing their thing and grow big & strong.

I am a little sad for the ones that are left behind, but I fully expected there to be a drop off today.

The embryologist wants one more peek at them before deciding if tomorrow is the big day, so we call in the morning for the final decision. I am really hoping tomorrow is the day.

I would be lying if I said the nerves weren't kicking in a little bit. Going into the FET, I knew our goal was to have 2 of the 6 get to blast and while we seem to be on track for that, anything can still happen. 2 is such a small number in the grand scheme of things and a lot can happen to those little embies in the next 15 hours....Wishing, hoping and praying that those are our miracles in a petri dish!

We spent all of Sunday doing major spring cleaning and it felt so good to scrub, organize, air out and get rid of some clutter. We filed lots of paper work as well and I really felt like we got rid of some N.U.T.S - nagging unfinished tasks that were causing us STRESS! I told Sean over dinner that the cleaning was therapeutic for me. I felt like we were clearing out all the old energy and opening ourselves up to new, positive energy. Opening up channels for the Chi to flow - our hearts, minds, home and body are all open to accepting these embryos and the new life they bring.

We went out for chinese food and our fortune cookies both had the same message:
"All your hard work will soon pay off."

At the beginning of this FET, we went to P.F. Cha.ngs for lunch & my fortune read:
"Bide your time, for success is near."

Hoping, hoping, hoping!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

FET Madness - Day 18 - Thaw Day

This morning I had to go feed the vampires to have my P4 checked. While we were there I asked if our embryologist was available to talk to us about the thaw. She came right out & said she had good news to report - all 6 frosties survived the thaw! Sean cracked a joke and said, "Yeah, we're from Buffalo. They like the cold." :)

She went on to explain that their definition of a successful thaw is if 50% of the embryo's original cell mass survives. All 6 passed with flying colors! Some maintained 100% of their cells and most lost just one cell. I don't have the specs in front of me, but we have 6 embies ranging from 5 cells - 10 cells. They do not grade them at this early stage, but they were all good quality going into the freezer. We get our next report @ 11am tomorrow! That report will dictate whether we go for transfer on Tues or Weds. We are getting excited!

I am feeling pretty good, but a few side effects are creeping up on me. The bloat has set in & I have been having a touch of insomnia from the prednisone. I started the doxy antiobiotic this morning and had a bit of heart burn from that. Of course, I am a goopy mess from the Endometrin. JOY! Ah well, I will take this any day over the stress and crummy side effects of a fresh cycle.

I do not think I am going to make my weight loss goal of 20lbs before transfer and I have made peace with that. I am still holding on @ 16lbs lost and I feel good about it. I kinda hit a plateau the last 3 weeks and the meds are not making it easy this time - I think it is the addition of the steroids.

In other related news, we had an interesting weekend. A good friend of mine (I wrote about her pg announcement here) had her baby on Friday afternoon and we decided to be brave and head to the hospital to visit with the new family on Saturday. I knew I was in the right mindset to do it and I really wanted to be there. I wasn't sure how I might be feeling about going during the 2ww hell or god-forbid after a negative beta, so I figured a visit now when I am feeling happy & hopeful was a good thing. I am glad we went. The baby is beautiful and I am so happy for E & S. It felt good to snuggle a newborn for a little bit and let myself pretend this might be us in 9 months or so...

The night the baby was born, I received a special message from Jeanine, an acquaintance E & I both have in common. We both taught her boys in elementary school and have stayed in touch over the years via fac.ebook. Jeanine struggled with multiple miscarriages almost 20 years ago and now has a beautiful family and is one of the kindest women I know. She took a moment out of her day to send me this message:

Hi!! Thinking about you tonight--I know when we were having trouble holding onto pregnancies, it was always hard when our friends had babies--even though we were so happy for them it made us yearn for a baby that much more! I know it won't be long until we are sending well wishes your way! Just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you and can't wait to celebrate your little miracle!! Keep good thoughts!!!

It was one of the sweetest and most touching things anyone outside of my immediate circle has ever said to me. I was bawling when I read it. It was so amazing to know someone was thinking of me and my struggle at a time when we were all celebrating E & S and their new baby. I was over the moon for E & S, but it was bittersweet too, which I know I don't have to explain to anyone reading. I feel blessed to have such a wide network of love and support. Jeanine sent me another touching message today to say how excited she was to hear about the thaw. She just totally gets it, she has never forgotten pain and loss even though it was more than 20 years ago. She touched my heart this weekend.

Lots more to say, but I am pooped! I will save it for tomorrow's frostie update.

Thinking of my little embies tonight and hoping they are warm and toasty and growing so big & strong. Can't wait to bring them home...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

FET Madness - Day 14: Ultrasound Day!

Today was "do or die" for my uterine lining. I was a little worried that the universe might throw a little April Fool's Day shenanigan my way just to spite recent hopeful mood. Alas, karma (and Estrace) have been good to me and my lining was a 10 today, a "perfect 10" in the words of Dr. P. and blood work confirmed that I have not ovulated (for once this is a desired outcome). My prolactin is also back into the normal range after being off meds for awhile - yay! All is well and we are ready to get this show on the road!

Tomorrow: begin Endometrin suppositories and Prednisone.

Sunday: Thaw Day!! Blood work to check P4 levels.

Monday: Embie report - our goal: grow those little guys to blast

Tuesday/Wednesday: Stand by for transfer!

Beta: April 16th - it seems so close!!!

I love that my transfer will be on either Tuesday or Weds, both are good days in my world. Tuesday is the birthday of a dear woman, Carol, who was like another 'mom' to me growing up. She passed away in 1992, but I celebrate her birthday every year. Sometimes Sean even brings me yellow tulips (her favorite) to remember her. Wednesday is Sean's birthday and special to me for obvious reasons. I am always looking for signs and symbols and these dates are good stuff in my book!

Still feeling hopeful, happy and in a good, positive state of mind. I very well know that this might not work either, but that's ok. I need to take that option off the table right now and just focus on the good stuff.

The Year of Hope? Yeah, I'm feeling it...