Thursday, April 30, 2009

6 weeks

Once again, thank you so much for your responses. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your advice with me. I love how so many new people are coming out of lurker status to comment!

We have decided to wait until Tuesday for the u/s. It is more of a "trusting my gut" thing than anything else, but, the fact that if we didn't see a heartbeat, I would be stuck in limbo for an entire week helped me make a decision because I think that would be worse than waiting until Tuesday. I will be anxiously counting down the moments, but it will be here soon enough, I guess.

I have been taking it very easy since Monday, probably unnecessarily so, but I have not had anything pressing going on, so why not? My anxiety level is way down, but I am not quite back to the happy-go-lucky, little ray of sunshine that I was last week either. I will feel 100% better after the u/s.

I am done with PIO and back on Endometrin suppositories and really hoping that going back to supps doesn't stir up the bleeding. We had an insurance lapse while we were waiting for COBRA to kick in and Endometrin was CRAZY expensive and we already had PIO at home. 2ccs of PIO nightly is really tough on the muscles though and my nurse was anxious for me to get back to the supps ASAP. My butt and hips are sore and I suspect they will be for awhile. Sean is the master shot giver and they never hurt going in, but the effect is cumulative.

I am 6 weeks today and Baby Saucy is the size of a sweet pea and the nose, mouth & ears are taking shape. The little heart is beating, blood is pumping through the tiny body and the lungs and intestines are at the early stages of development. That is a quick development summary from a variety of sources including thebump, babycenter and my pregnancy books.

Symptom checker: The same as they have been for weeks now. I would say my dreams are getting more and more vivid and stranger and stranger. I am ready for a new symptom or two to pop up! I know, I know - be careful what you wish for!

Speaking of dreams, last night I had a vivid dream about my u/s and we saw 3 sac and 3 heartbeats - triplets! Now that would be CRAZY!!! Speaking of, you should swing over to Carrie's blog and read "Could you repeat that?" and wish her well!

Looks like we are going to have a busy movie weekend, busy movie May for that matter. So many good one coming out - Wol.verine, Ghosts of Girl.friends Past, Angels and De.mons, Sta.r Trek...! I can't wait - movie night with Sean is one of my favorite things!

Thank to everyone who has voted on my poll! Keep 'em coming!


kayjay said...

I think you made a very sound decision - this ride is full of ups and downs so why add another little dip in the road when you don't have to? Although, the waiting for the u/s part does suck and it is only a few more days but geez, can it ever seem like a lifetime! GL with the u/s and I'll be so curious to know how many you got cooking in there!

Where's my miracle? said...

GL with the u/s! I can't wait to hear all about it! Your betas were so strong. Maybe there's two in there! I have had the triplet dream too! LOL! I have always had very vivid dreams so I can only imagine what is to come! GL!!! So happy for you!!!!

Barefoot said...

I haven't had a triplet dream, but Carrie's post has definitely got me thinking. :)

I'm so glad you came to a decision re: the u/s that you're happy with. Take it easy this weekend -- I can't wait to hear all about things on Monday!

Meant to be a mom said...

Sounds like things are going good. And next Tuesday will be here before you know it. I hate waiting too but weekends speed things up usually.
As far as the progesterone butt shots. Yikes I hated them too. But at the same time it reassured me that they might be helping my little guy. But your right they definitely made my muscles sore too.
Well can't wait to hear from you on Tuesday!!

poppy.f.seed said...

yay 6 weeks! I think it is smart to wait a couple of days, esp. since the spotting stopped.

Carrie said...

It sounds like I've stirred up a lot of worry with my triplet news! Just think: it could be you too! ;) Thanks for the support!

Good idea on waiting- you are much more mature than me. :) I am so glad you are feeling better, and it sucks to have that sunny feeling go away, but everything will be so much better after the u/s. You are so close!

Enjoy your weekend, and I am thinking of you LOTS.


Chhandita said...

I think it was a the right thing to do, wait for tuesday...keeping my fingers crossed for the big u/s

EBL said...


I've been following your story for awhile and I'm finally commenting. I love your positive outlook and I'm keeping you and Sean in my thoughts and prayers!! I'm cautiously expecting my first and I'm due just a few days before's so nice to read your blog and feel like I'm not alone with each stage of this journey. Good luck!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

I love that you call your little one "Baby Saucy"!!

Leslie Laine said...

Hey Emily - glad you decided to wait. That's what I would have done too. You'll be glad you did in the long run. Thinking of you!

Angie said...

OMG, Emily!!!! Congrats!! So happy for you sweetie!!! I've been MIA for over a month and so sorry I missed out on your news earlier....I think waiting on the u/s was a good idea too - no need to stress any more....can't wait to hear your update!!! (((((HUGS)))

M. said...

I'm glad you waited for the u/s! And I totally voted twins -- can't wait to hear if I'm right :)

Lorza said...

I too, think you made a great decision. Tuesday it is! I can't wait to hear the news. humm...triplets do seem to be going around in some of the blogs I am reading....:) I am glad that the bleeding stopped. PHEW!!

Good luck girl!

Jill said...

Tuesday will be here before you know it! Can't wait to hear the news!! Lots of hugs!

RMCarter said...

I'll be thinking about you all day tomorrow! I am so excited for the update! :)