Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thank you and a pic!

Thank you all so much for your positive and supportive comments about our desire to have a natural childbirth in a birthing center environment. Even you 100% disagree with my choice and think I am stark raving mad for even considering it, I never would have known from the comments. I have to admit, I was bracing myself for a full spectrum of comments and I am happy to say that everyone was completely respectful. A big thank you to all the lurkers who came out of lurkerdom to lend support, ask a question, share a story or cheer me on!

To answer the question about where I found the statistics on C-section and episiotomy rates, my midwife provided them, but said they are available online. I have not tried, but I imagine they are not easy to find. Our midwife also told us that you can request your OB's stats directly from them and they are required by law to provide them. I am sure they have stats on the hospitals where they deliver as well.

My biggest advice to any pregnant woman, regardless of what type of birth you would like to have, is to educate yourself about what will happen to you. Ask que
stions, be informed, know what your OB's policies and stats are. I had NO IDEA that I had almost 50% risk of having a c-section by delivering at my local hospital! That was just not acceptable to me and scared the crap out of me!

Speaking of fear, many of you commented that you are scared to death of pain and natural childbirth. Honestly, I am scared to death of induction (which is far more intense than naturally occurring contractions), being literally strapped to a bed by 16 different monitoring/medical devices, being paralyzed from the waist down (freaks me out beyond belief), having my vagina cut and/or having a C-Section . Those are the things that cause me major anxiety! Natural childbirth is far less intimidating to me.

I am currently reading
Pushed by Jennifer Block and I think it should be required reading for every woman long before she ever becomes pregnant. I am just blown away by the information in the book.

Ok, on to some fun stuff.

18w Summary

How am I feeling? Last week was my worst week in awhile. I got sick many times and had the pleasure of vomiting in public again. Sean & I had lunch at a local Mexican place and I thought I was keeping it simple by having soup and a cheese quesadilla, but apparently the baby did not agree. It was NOT pleasant and I was apologizing profusely to the other ladies who had the unfortunate luck of having to use the restroom at that moment.

How do I look? You be the judge! As promised, here is a long overdue belly pic.

This was taken at 18w exactly and according to my mother, I look exhausted. I think the belly looks huge and it is hard to believe that it has a lot more growing to do!

Milestones- I am definitely feeling the baby moving! It is the most wonderful feeling. I would describe it as a fish swimming, butterfly wings flapping or a thumping feeling depending on the movement. I feel Ralphie several times per day now and I can't wait until it gets stronger and Sean can feel it too!

What am I craving? Lots of peanut butter and eggs this week. I must need the protein!

Aversions? Apparently, Mexican food and I no longer get along. I don't think it is a coincidence that both times I have been sick in public, I have eaten Mexican food. I have not gone near chicken in months and don't plan to.

What do I miss? Really enjoying my food. I am apprehensive about eating many foods because I am afraid of getting sick. When something does taste good, (and it that is rare) I am only able to eat small portions as I get full very fast.

What am I looking forward to? Starting the nursery! Our plan is to order the furniture next weekend.

Weight gain - We will see what the OB's official scale says on Monday, but according to my scale, I am up 7lbs total since transfer, but only 2lbs since my 1st appt at 8w. I feel like I have lost weight in my face and the rest of my body, but my belly is absolutely growing and changing.

Discovery of the week? Amazon's Universal Registry!!! I am obsessed. I never knew this existed. I love that I can add any item from any website on the planet and have it on one registry. I have been able to register for a hard to find Graco pattern, cloth diapers, boutique items etc...We still plan to register at a local BRU for convenience, but I am in love with Amazon :)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


bb said...

Emily you look fantastic!! So beautiful with your belly, love it!! Glad things are going great ;-)

Carrie said...

You look awesome! I am so sorry that you are STILL puking! Seriously? That is not fun.

I am so glad you shared the Amazon registry idea. I am an avid Amazon user and since I am couch-bound, this is a great option! :)


Barefoot said...

You look gorgeous! Sorry about the continued puking -- what an absolute drag.

Sky said...

I'm glad you interpreted my comment as supportive because, it actually was. My fear of natural childbirth is just a testament of me being a big chicken, that's all.

Know what's funny? Everything you describe about the hospital, being on a ton of monitors and numb from the waist down is a description I would agree with - but I see it as comforting - like everything's under control, baby! And you see it as terrifying. That's why it's a big world with all kinds of people and tastes. :)

Lots of women have natural childbirth in their living room with water baths and love it - so it's really just a matter of what makes you happy. This is ABOUT YOU!

Anonymous said...

you look fabulous!!

Ashley said...

You look great!! I hope you feel better soon;)

bella1021 said...

You look GREAT!!! I just started feeling movements yesterday! It is CRAZY!

Thanks for the heads up on Amazon universal registry! that is AWESOME! my beddding is at usa baby and the rest is all over-- thanks!!!!!!
As far as eating goes-- I too can't eat a whole bunch at a time.

sweetpeanme said...

You are sooooooooo adorable!!! YAY for baby belly!!!

Lorza said...

You look awesome!! So very very happy. YEAH!!! Thank you for telling me that OBs have to by law tell you their stats. I didn't know that!!! I will feel empowered to ask- but one reason I chose the OB I did is b/c she is more holistic. I am a looooong time from getting pg and delivering...but I had a horrible experience with an OB before...that one was a D.O. at that!! I chose that one b/c she was a D.O and not an MD. The one I have now is an MD, but is more holistic than the D.O. Interesting huh?

PS I LOVE AMAZON WISHLISTS!! I have had one for years for christmas presents. It is like being a little kid and going through the christmas catalog and circling items for your parents. My husband loves it too.

Anonymous said...

Look, I fully wanted and expected the epidural with my first baby but b/c the labor went so quickly, I was unable to get one and went "natural." My second baby I didn't even think about the epidural b/c I new that I could handle going natural. Although I am a BIG believer in "to each their" own. You can do it! Best of everything to you.

Lisa said...

So glad you got support from everyone!! We all make our own choices and should be commended for making educated ones!!

You look great!! I wish I looked that pregnant! On me, it's just fat. I begged for an ultrasound this week and they wouldn't give it to me. I'm counting down the days until 8/4 so I can see this little one and know everything is OK (especially since I was down another pound this week)!!

piecemeal people said...

Cute pic! (You do look a little pooped, I must say.) I'm jealous of your belly, sticking out nice and low where it should be. Mine's already sticking out way up high...damn second pregnancy. I look like I'm due in two months.

poppy.f.seed said...

I totally missed your birth center post before. But, I just read it now. Sounds like a great place. I am thinking of going to one myself! Are you going to one in anap? I have friends who've used both there.

You look fantastic!!!

M. said...

You look adorable, Emily!! Not exhausted at all :) And yay for feeling Ralphie move -- isn't that just the coolest thing? That's definitely what I miss most about being pregnant. I hate throwing up, I'm sorry you're going through that. On the bright side, remember how many times all of us used to wish we were pregnant and wanted the "symptoms" of pregnancy? Oy. Anyway, keep your chin up -- Ralphie will be totally worth it!

Meant to be a mom said...

Sorry to hear about the voming in public. That would definitely be embarrassing but its not your fault at all. Anyone who saw you would know that.
You look just adorable. Your baby bump is just beautiful. I don't remember if your finding out what your having? But if not either way I'm putting in my guess right now!! I think,(and I know nothing so don't think I actually have some good way of telling) but I think your having a girl. My guess is girl.
I hope you feel better this week and when you eat you don't get sick. That has to be getting old.

Anonymous said...

Hi Em - I was so happy when I checked your blog today and saw the 'belly pic'! Definetly makes it all so real. You look great!
XO Barbara Ripley

Lisa said...

You look great...what a cute bump!!

Clio said...

ahhh! you look great! love your belly shot. :)
I agree with you that normal birth is the least scary thing. It's was we've been doing as a species since the very beginning. the least amoung of interference the better, unless, of course, there is a need.I'm going to look into the book you suggested.

sweetpeanme said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Rockville staff...Dr. M and everyone at the office are like so friendly and some of the nurses are almost annoyingly perky and nice...but I love it!! I guess it'll be just down to business when we get there!

Julia said...

I just stumbled upon your TTC blog while looking for others going through the same thing as I am! (Even though you are pregnant! Congrats!)

Would you mind if I followed you, and you could follow my blog too!

Alyssa said...

Wow! I could have written your "Speaking of fear.." paragraph. That is me to a T!

Okay, off to read the rest of your blog. Stop by mine when you have a few minutes :)

MsAlys from

MissMVK said...

You are positively GLOWING! Glad that you are back in the blogger saddle. Missed you. Congrats on being well into your second trimester. Hang on because once you reach the third, time FLIES!

Christi said...

looking good momma!!! sorry I have been so MIA, we have to catch up soon!!

christina said...

I follow your blog but I haven't checked in in awhile. I'm 15 weeks pregnant and I am planning to take the Bradley/Lamaze classes and deliver naturally also. Thank you for saying that the epis. and c-section scare you more than going natural! I'm with you. Actually the pictocin and other epidural drugs scare me more than letting my body do what it needs to do. Women are strong. We've been delivering babies a long time! Check out the new Ricki Lake book also. I've heard fabulous reviews.