Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yep, it's still high...

I spoke to my nurse this afternoon. My prolactin is still high and she has ordered the MRI - just to rule out a pituitary tumor. It seems to me, my level would be way higher if a tumor were involved, but I would rather check it out and know for sure. I need to call in the morning and get it scheduled.

She said Dr. M is more than likely going to start me on a drug called Bromocriptine to regulate my prolactin levels. I will stay on that until pregnancy is achieved. Dr. M is out of town until the weekend, so she will get back to me as soon as he has had a chance to review everything.

In all my consultations with "Dr. Google" this week, I am also beginning to suspect that I may have PCOS. I was diagnosed with it in my teens by anendocrinologist, but my last RE dismissed it. When I was a teenager I used to lose my hair, bleed 20-25 days per month, and had high level of androgens (male hormones). At the time, I went on BCP and that seemed to control all my symptoms. Since going off the pill in 2004, I don't seem to have any of those symptoms, but my androgen levels haven't been tested in years. I have also struggled with my weight, have slightly elevated cholesterol and now high prolactin. These are all symptoms of PCOS. I am curious about insulin resistance - my fasting glucose has not been tested in a few years either and it was borderline high (in the 90's and 99 was the limit for normal) and I have gained weight since...

I mentioned all this to my nurse and she said she will put a note in my file and that Dr. M and I need to have another consult, ASAP. So, for now testing, testing and more testing! I am not getting my hopes hope up starting BCP for IVF #3 in August. Oh well, 'tis more important to get to the bottom of all of this! I am soooooo glad we went for this second opinion!

We are off to Buffalo for the long weekend to visit family and celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary!

Up next: a long week of testing for both Sean & I!

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Jill said...

Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you. I'm glad we both switched clinics. Even though getting undesirable news stinks, that is why we switched. Otherwise, we'd have gone through one more unsuccessful IVF cycle with our old clinics.

I hope the bromocriptine will be just the answer to bring your levels down and finally lead you to pregnancy. I'll be here for you every step of the way!

Please try to have fun in Buffalo this weekend!