Monday, August 10, 2009

Two Tickets to Paradise...and pics :)

Whew! What a weekend! Friday was an absolutely wonderful day. We started the day with our level 2 ultrasound and it was amazing! Ralphie was not being overly cooperative and seemed to be having a good time hiding out behind my belly button making it difficult for the tech to get all the images she needed. She did capture some really cute images for us, but I am not sure she was able to get everything she needed of the heart and digestive tract. She said she would leave it up to the OB to decide if he needs to see more. The u/s lasted about 45 min and it was pure joy for us. She was able to go back and forth between 3D images and regular images at the click of a button, so that was pretty cool. Everything looked great to us, but what the heck do we know? I will feel assume that is the case unless I hear differently! Now for some cute pics!

These are totally Sean's legs and my BIG feet! Sean sits like this all the time. My mom said they look like boy legs all the way, and toddler legs at that. In the picture on the right, my little trouble maker appears to be giving the world the finger! Too funny! The whole room was laughing.

After our u/s we went to our favorite place for a yummy breakfast, then we headed home to freshen up. I was excited to see what my sweet hubby had in store. We had decided that we would not buy gifts this year, but we always do cards. Sean suggested we exchange cards before heading out for the afternoon. My first card was a sweet and romantic one, but the second was one of those sound cards and when I opened it, it was playing "Two Tickets to Paradise", I was laughing because I had been singing that all morning in the shower for some reason.

At this point, Sean completely shocks me by announcing that he has planned a vacation for us as an anniversary/babymoon trip. Actually, he knows what a control freak I am, so he had a few different options planned out and let me have some input on the final decision and I am really thankful that he did that.

Our options were: #1- a 9 night Caribbean cruise that went to San Juan, Dominican Republic, a private island and St. Thomas. #2 - a 7 night Bahamas/Grand Turk cruise. #3 - an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. Sean was leaning towards option #1 since it was the longest trip and best value.

So which of these amazing vacations did I choose? None of th
e above. I know, I am a pain in the ass! Ungrateful even! Hear me out though. We have been on a cruise before and I found it to be an ok experience. I neither loved nor hated it as far as vacations go. My biggest concern was being on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic and needing medical attention beyond what the ship infirmary could provide. The cruise lines have very strict rules about pregnant women cruising and 23w is the cut off. We would be setting sail at 23w exactly and that was ok with permission from my OB.

I called the doctor's office and they said a cruise was fine, but to be advised that I was putting myself at increased risk of H1N1 and other illnesses because of the close quarters of a cruise environment. That kind of sealed the deal for me. I know the odds of something happening are slim, but also not out of the realm of possibility and I really was not comfortable being so far from modern medical care. Things like overheating and dehydration can happen so easily at this stage of pregnancy and though they are simple to treat, they can also require fetal monitoring and testing.

I felt much the same about an all inclusive resort on an island. Slightly better than a cruise, but not exactly state of the art medical facilities in the event of an emergency. So I apologized profusely to my hubby who had spent days and weeks researching options. He completely understood and said that is why he did not just go ahead and book something without my feedback. We put our heads together and came up with a compromise and found a pretty amazing deal in the long run.

We leave in 12 days for Key Biscayne, Florida. It is a small island just outside Miami and just what we are looking for - sun, san
d, pool, spa, & relaxation. We are spending 7 days being pampered and spoiled by the ladies and gentlemen of The Ritz Carlton resort. We have vacationed at other Ritz locations and it is always an incredible experience. I really cannot wait! Our flight was CHEAP and the deal at the resort was really unbeatable - our breakfast, valet parking, & internet are all included daily, we got 2 nights free and a complimentary oceanfront room upgrade. Food can definitely get pricey so we plan to head to a grocery store and stock up on water, soda, snacks, fruit, etc... We even got a heck of a deal on a rental car. We may head into Miami for a day of shopping or dining, but we plan to mostly relax, relax, relax! It may not be exactly what Sean was originally thinking but I don't think it could have worked out any better. Now we just need to hope for great weather and NO hurricanes!

Do I have an amazing husband or what??? We spent the rest of the day on Friday playing tourist in our own city and then had a yummy di
nner at a new steakhouse. The rest of the weekend was busy, but nice!

Now for a 20w1d belly pic and a pregnancy update!

How am I feeling? Dare I say, great?!?! I really do feel good for the first time in months.

How do I look? Pregnant! I feel really good in my own skin though and I definitely think I have lost weight everywhere but my belly. Not a great pic of me - it is so awkward to take belly pics!

Milestones? I am more than 1/2 way!!! Sean was able to feel the baby from the outside over the weekend and I am so happy that he can finally experience it. Movement felt from the outside is so weird!

Cravings? None recently

Aversions? Chicken

What do I miss? Nothing this week - feeling very content and grateful.

What am I looking forward to? Vacation and quality time with Sean. Registering - hopefully this weekend!

Weight Gain? Down five from the flu, but seem to be back to my pre-flu weight. The OBs scale showed no weight gain last month.

What do we think we are having? My gut feeling? A BOY! I will be in shock if this is a little girl.

I haven't stopped smiling in days. Feeling so very blessed and lucky...


jill said...

Sounds like an awesome vacation to me!! What a great husband you have! Glad to hear your ultrasound went well and that you're feeling content :)

Just Another Infertile said...

Those pictures are great! You are lucky you get 4D pictures.

Our anniversaries sound close together. I totally get where you're coming from on the cruise vacation front. I felt uncomfortable at any stage of pregnancy being away from medical attention. I remember being slightly paranoid at 18w when we were in Yosemite and an 1 1/2 away from a hospital. Probably not much they could have done at that time but still. . .

Your backup plan sounds wonderful and I'm so jealous! Enjoy!

stillhopeful said...

What a great doc visit! Very cool that you could get the 3d pics, mine couldn't do that. We're planning on going to a place outside the doc to do a 3d/4d in the next few weeks...

I love your babymoon! That will be such a wonderful trip, and I agree - best to stay in the US near up to date medical facilities. We're just doing a spa/golf weekend, I need to save my vacation time to extend my maternity leave as long as possible!

Congrats on the good results and the exciting plans coming up!

kayjay said...

Your DH is such a sweetie to plan a babymoon trip! You look great too in your pic and that belly is awesome!!

Jennifer said...

Hey Emily,

That's so great that you got some good u/s pics of the baby. Lol, those look like some boy legs to me too and your vacation sounds amazing. I wish I had one planned right now. Anyways, I've really enjoyed your blog and have a blog award for you on my blog.


Just me said...

We've started going to FL for relax-vacations over islands and tropical getaways for similar reasons. It makes for slightly easier travel, and is in the US in case anything was to come up. We always have a great time, and it sounds like you'll have a great trip!!!

Carrie said...

You look beautiful but those baby feet? OH MY GOSH are those darling! I love it!

You do have the best hubby ever, but being the worrier I am, I think you made a great choice. Stay on the mainland. ;)

So glad you are FINALLY feeling well. Enjoy every second!!

Meant to be a mom said...

I love the finger pic. So funny.
I'm glad it went well.
Your vacation sounds wonderful, I hope you have a great time.

Also you look great!

sweetpeanme said...

A vacation is such a wonderful gift!!! Go hubby!!!

Your baby looks absolutely do you!!! Go momma!!

Ashley said...

That sounds like a WONDERFUL vacation;) You have a great hubby!! The baby pics are soooo cute..I think boy also. You look great...glad to know you are feeling gives me HOPE!!

Kahla said...

How awesome, I'm so excited for you (and a tad jealous). ;o) I think boy too from the pics, just looks like a boy to me. So glad you had a wonderful appointment and your vacation is as awesome as it sounds!

D said...

I wish our OB had the 3D option at our ultrasound. That would have been cool to see! I'm a UT grad and our guy gave us a Hook 'em Horns while sucking his thumb. It was pretty cute! I'm glad all was well at your appointment!

We went to The Ritz on Key Biscayne a few years ago and it was awesome! Our room/view was amazing- straight out to the ocean. And they serve frozen grapes at the pool. YUM! Watch for the big iguanas (I think there were two big ones that wandered by the pool). They also have a great little spot with hammocks and it is so relaxing to just hang out there for a while.

If you get a chance and feel up to it, Emeril's Miami Beach is SO GOOD! Just make sure to call for reservations.

Have an awesome trip!!

Bee said...

Congrats on all the greatness! You;re finally getting what you deserve!

MissMVK said...

Wow! What adorable pics of your little Ralphie. For what it's worth, I think you're having a little boy. :) Congrats on being 1/2 through your pregnancy! And wow I am jealous of your babymoon. Savor it. I have such fond memories of ours. So happy to read your updates.

Lisa said...

Isnt it SO neat?! Love the "finger" shot, thats too funny! I still think your having a girl though ;)

Enjoy your babymoon, sounds amazing!

Barefoot said...

Yay!!! Sounds like a great trip you have planned -- I lurve the Ritz. We also chickened out on a big trip and are going to San Diego for a few days.

Congrats on the GREAT ultrasound!!

Lorza said...

Baby is looking so sweet! I hope you have a great trip!! I am a nurse and I am very cautious about stuff...we are tentativly planning IVF in January....and I think I am quiting work after that. I am so scared of getting H1N1 from a snotty nosed booger that can't cover their mouths.

poppy.f.seed said...

yay u/s!!! That is so cool they did 3d as well!
I think the florida vacation sounds great. I liked our mellow beachy babymoon a lot.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! It will be so much fun and it's gorgeous there! I know a pregnant frind who got H1N1 and caused her to have to deliver her baby at 36 weeks. (although everything was fine) so it IS out there and CAN affect pregnant women! Good choice sticking to FLA! Best of everything to you.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics!!! What a great hubby - and you made the right choice (in my humble assvice opinion) about the cruises - I have read news reports about the swine flu really hitting pregnant women really hard.

Your vacation sounds great - I hope I can talk Mr. M into a babymoon if we make it that far!

Lost in Space said...

The finger. HA! You've got a wild one there.

Enjoy the Keys! I lived in Key Largo for a summer while in college and spent way too much time up and down the way to Key West. It can be miserably humid and the mosquitoes can be a real pain on the bayside, but the views and relaxing way of life far make up for it. Oh, and when you pass milemarker 106-ish please give a wave to my old employer at Citgo. LOL. What a summer that was...

sweetpeanme said...

PHEW!!!! Thank you for the comment about the DEET...I was freaking out! Thanks!!

Emaline Designs said...

That vacation sounds fantastic! I'm glad he gave you a chance to look into it first before booking it.

Two things, one - I also think you're having a boy. And two, Miles' legs were crossed just like that at his 20 wk ultrasound and he still crosses them when he goes to sleep! Cutest.Thing.Ever. :-)

MyStyles said...

hey! Ijust found your blog and wanted to ask you a question. Would you mind emailing me?

I appreciate it!