Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santa Can Bite Me!

40w3d no baby in sight...Off to the midwife in the morning. Fingers crossed for some progress.

Christmas started off great. We stayed in PJs all day, watched movies and ate snacks. It all went to hell in a hand basket around 5:30 when Libby, our mini schnauzer, jumped for a toy and collapsed screaming in pain, it was evident something was very wrong with her rear leg. Sean & my dad stabilized her, but we rushed off to the vet ER - her shaking and crying the whole way - they had to sedate her just to do the exam and xrays. Turns out she dislocated her hip Crying They put her under anesthesia and popped it back into place. We picked her up late that night. It cost a small FORTUNE.

Poor little girl cried and cried for hours - she was in so much pain. Even the pain meds didn't seem to take the edge off. I guess the crying and whimpering can be a side effect of the anesthetic and all the stress, but she was breaking our hearts.

Sean is amazing and sat reclined on the sofa, fully dressed with her all night long while she cried and slept on and off. He wanted me to get some sleep in case I went into labor. He is the best puppy daddy ever and is going to be a pretty awesome daddy to this LO as well.

Libby seems much better pain wise, but we had to switch meds because it gave her horrendous diarrhea - she can't catch a break.

The bad news, she is at increased risk for it happening again in the next few weeks and if it does, she will need surgery ASAP. She is on restricted activity for FOUR weeks - no steps, no hardwood floors, no running or jumping. That should be fun with a newborn. Thank goodness Sean is off for another week or so and my parents are here for 10 more days...

Needless to say, not the type of excitement we were hoping for! I am just glad I didn't go into labor in the middle of all that mess, but now that she is on the mend, bring it!


Barefoot said...

So sorry about Libby -- so stressful to be worrying about her right now!!

Also sorry to hear about your overdue-ness....I'm thinking about you and hoping that Ralphie comes soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Libby! That sounds horrible. I too love my dogs and have shelled out small fortunes keeping them healthy!

I hope that the LO makes an appearance this week - who knows, maybe he/she will be baby new year!

Sue said...

Oh your poor puppy! We are the same way with our pups and throughout Christmas my MIL (who is not a doglover) kept saying, "you guys will do fine with kids...look at how great you are with the dogs!". Kind of annoyed me...but she's right. There is evidence that DH will be a great dad:-)

I hope that you really start to progress now that things have settled down a bit and you still have family around to help. Now would be a great time!!!!

Kahla said...

Oh no, poor Libby. I hope she recovers w/o anymore incidents!

Sending lots of P&PT your way that the baby comes soon and it's smooth sailing!

jill said...

Aww poor Libby :( I hope she makes a full recovery and very quickly!

And I hope you go into labor soon! I think today was the birth day I guessed ;)

Meant to be a mom said...

Your poor little Libby. I hope it stays better now.

Also wow that baby just doesn't want to come out does it. I hope that the baby comes soon. I'm excited to see it....

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Poor Libby! Dogs have a knack for stuff happening right around the birth of a baby. The week of my due date one of my labs got a hematoma and required surgery. When the baby was 2 weeks old the other dog dislocated his knee. Then a week later the other one was back under because the hematoma came back. It was crazy!

Ralphie is just too comfy. I had no progress pretty much until I went in for acupuncture 2 and 3 days past my due date. The end is near!

Just Another Infertile Mother said...

Oh your poor dog! Our dog is a dachshund and has back problems. He throws it out every once in a while and is in extreme pain when it happens. I feel you.

Can't wait to hear about Ralphie's arrival.

PJ said...

Awww! That sounds rough! No pun intended.

One of our dogs has hip dyplasia and every now and then he plays too hard and is just in awful pain. It's hard to see them that way.

I hope you get some good news from the midwife!