Monday, May 11, 2009

Finally, a new post!

I have probably sat down to write some version of this post 5 different times, but something always gets in the way. I have been tired (oh, so tired) and busy, but I am just up from a nap and find myself with a few hours before work. Heck, I even managed to make dinner tonight - it has been a very good day!

First, I want to wish every one of my readers a Happy Mother's Day. I know it is a tough day for many of us and for many different reasons. As Jill said in her latest post, I feel each one of us is already a mother in our hearts. Why else would we go through hell and back to have a child? So whether you are already a mom, a mommy-to-be, mommy to an angel, or a mother in your heart I wish you many blessings today. May all your dreams come true!

My "first" Mother's Day as a mom-t0-be was nice, but busy. I received many sweet cards from family and friends and my mom sent me a gift card to Mothe.rhood Maternity (just in time, might I add!). Sean bought me a sweet card and wrote notes from him, Libby and the baby. It was very sweet. I had to work for a few hours in the morning and then we went to a cookout at my aunt and uncle's house. I missed my Mom a lot today and wished we had planned a trip to Buff.alo to see everyone. It was a day filled with many different emotions - awe, fear, disbelief, love and hope. I can't believe I am finally pregnant; there is another heart beating inside my body and a little baby growing big & strong everyday. It is pretty awe inspiring!

Sean continues to pamper me - cooking, cleaning, laundry, waiting on me hand & foot. He really impressed me yesterday by assembling some pretty spectacular fruit, veggie and cheese platters for Mother's Day. He is so protective and I love it. Every night he gives me a belly rub with Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter and talks to the baby. It is the sweetest thing.

Some of you have asked why we are calling the baby Ralphie and/or Baby Saucy. My stepfather named the baby Ralphie within a day of finding out I was pregnant. I have no idea why, but it could be the Christmas due date/A Christmas Story connection. It has kind of stuck, especially for my family. Saucy is Sean's nickname. He is a redhead and a few years back a coworker from South America started calling him Saucy because in his country they call redheads "Sauceheads". To say that stuck would be an understatement, in some circles, he is exclusively known as Saucy or Sauce. I would love, love, love a little redheaded baby!

I am 7w4d today and here is a weekly summary:

How am I feeling? Tired and a strong sense of "ICK". Not really nauseous, but a very unsettled tummy. Oh the bloat!! None of my pants button and if it wasn't for the belly band, I would be a miserable momma. Hair & nails growing, growing, growing!!

Milestone of the week: Far & away - seeing the baby's heartbeat (although technically that was 6w5). I have my 1st OB appt this Friday and hoping to sneak another peek!

What is the baby up to? He or she is the size of a blueberry and growing fast. He/she is busy growing arms & legs. Pigment has developed in the eyes and the baby already has an appendix and a pancreas. He or she is 10,000 times larger than the day of conception.

What am I craving? Not too much - waffles sounded really good today. Most things sound good, but I change my mind a few bites in.

Aversions? Applesauce, gum and seafood.

Weight gain: +2lbs

Discovery of the week: Baby Bargains Book 8th edition. A mommy friend sent it to me last week and I big, puffy heart LOVE it! I am easily overwhelmed by large purchases and this book breaks it all down. I can't wait to start shopping - c'mon 2nd tri!

What do I miss? My sex drive and red wine *sigh*

Quote of the week: Sean upon observing the nighttime bloat, "Oh my God! You are gonna be HUGE!!!" LOL! Thanks, babe! ;)


Bee said...

So happy to hear everything is going well. Oh, I completely relate about nighttime bloat. I can hardly believe myself some nights and I'm only 9 weeks!

Barefoot said...

A big "I hear you" on the nighttime bloat....yikes, it is scary!

I'm glad you had such a great Mother's Day!

Carrie said...

So happy all is going well and you had a great mother's day. My husband LOVES to remark about my quickly-growing-triplet-uterus and it can be a little unwanted at times!

I am so glad you are feeling positive and good. I love hearing the updates about the baby! :)


The Patterson's said...

I'm a redhead, too, so I'm a little biased, but a redheaded baby would be cute!! :-)

RMCarter said...

I was wondering if we’d get a Mother’s Day post out of you! I am glad you had a great day! You deserve it!

Oh my gosh, that comment from Sean sounds identical to something Ryan would say! Got to love the men in our life! Never a dull moment! :)

Ashley said...

Glad to hear all is well!!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you. Love the names! I am so so glad for you E.

Our 1930s Southern Colonial said...

I have to laugh about the bloat - it goes away for a little bit, but them comes back with a vengence! I hope you are feeling well and glad you are enjoying the book!

M. said...

I promise you'll be even bigger than you imagine- and you'll love it :) happy mother's day, Em!!

Chhandita said...

Freaking pc kept me away from Internet for a week, and i was nervous wreck, thinking about so glad to come back to some great news..CONGRATULATIONS!

Meant to be a mom said...

I'm so glad to hear all is going well. Happy mothers day to you also!
Your almost 8 weeks!!! That's so exciting. That's a milestone to me in pregnancy. Congrats.

Maria (MKC101103) said...

You have an aversion to applesauce?? Really? That is so funny. I'm so glad Sean is pampering deserve it so much!!!!!

jill said...

Hah what a guy! :) Love reading your weekly summary. So happy for you that everything is going well!

Lisa said...

I love reading your updates!!

I have the same food thing - I want something but change my mind just as quickly!

Anonymous said...

Emily - just checking in on you and the babe!

The Baby Cove said...

Congrats on your first Mothers Day!