Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

My friend Jill of Desperately Seeking Spawn tagged me to do this and it sounded like a great 2.5ww distraction!

4 Things I did 10 Years Ago - 1998

1. I had just finished my first year of college in MD and was soooooo happy to be back in Buffalo for the summer.

2. Sean & I did it like rabbits all summer long -ahhhh young love!

3. I bought my 1st car - Sean's dad's white Ford Escort.

4. I worked at Children's Hospital of Buffalo in the food service department. I got this job at age 16 and was my first "real job". They took me back every summer and holiday break for years. It was hard work, but great money and good for character building.

4 Things I did 5 Years Ago - 2003 - this was a BIG time in our lives!

1. I was engaged and planning my wedding. I was loving every minute of it.

2. We got a puppy! A 1.3lb mini-schnauzer that we named Libby! We got her in June. Happy 5th Birthday Libby! She is the love of our lives.

3. It was our 1st summer in our first house! We built a townhouse in Joppa, MD. Loved the entire process. We had great neighbors and a house that was cute as a button.

4. I was teaching 5th grade at a public elementary school. I also taught summer school in an Autistic Preschool and I loved it.

4 Things I did Yesterday - A HORRIBLE DAY

1. Lost power for 6 hours and baled water out of sump pump.

2. Took Libby to a new groomer who injured her eye.

3. Took Libby to emergency vet.

4. Went ballistic on groomer and owner when they refused to cover my costs and denied doing anything wrong.

4 TV Shows I Love to Watch

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Brothers & Sisters
3. So You Think You Can Dance? - yay, it starts next week!
4. General Hospital - I have been watching for over 20 years. I DVR it everyday!

4 Things I Love to Do

1. Read - anything and everything.
2. Date Night - dinner and a movie!
3. Go on vacation. Love everything about it - the spa, the drinks, the pools, the great vacation sex, the sun, the spoiling...I could really go for a vaca right about now!
4. Snuggle in bed on Sunday mornings with Sean and Libby talking about anything and everything for hours.

Now, I tag: Helping Make Sense (Lisa), Destination Baby (Sarah), Will They Have His Eyes?(Maria) & Your Average Infertility Blog (Gretchen) - No pressure ladies!


sarah23 said...

OOooooh, thank you. I have hoping to be tagged for this one. I'll have to do it later today/tomorrow, though.

Christi said...

so glad Libby is doing better...

and that I got to learn more about you!

M. said...

You're too funny-- I would've MURDERED that groomer!! We're from Buffalo and live there now :) I noticed you guys are huge Buffalo sports fan-- my husband has Sabres seasons (which I constantly beg to be let in on, since he shares them with a buddy). Not surprised we're both from Buffalo :)

Jill said...

Em--so glad to learn more about you!! And, really glad to hear that Libby is doing better!!

Katie said...

That's BS on your groomer not paying your med bills-- find a new one!!! That would make me furious. LOL on General Hospital.

M. said...

Emily- I'll TOTALLY email you tomorrow!! We clearly have much to discuss :)