Friday, May 2, 2008

The Power of 10???

ET went very well this morning. All of the Magnificent 7 were going strong and we had some great looking embies to work with. I also met the sweetest girl who was having her ET today for IVF #1. If our hubbys can't be there with us at least we can have girl talk.

We transferred:
  • a 10 cell
  • an 8 cell

Both were given a grade of 4+ which is my clinic's highest grade and are considered high probability. RE said my lining looked "beautiful"! What more can a girl ask for? (besides a BFP of course!) I am excited about my little 10 cell embie...

We had 3 more good looking 3+ and 4+ in the 6-8 cell range to freeze which brings us up to 6 totsicles. We are watching 2 more until Monday.

The only downside is that my E2 was still not high enough so I have to take the Novarel boosters 3x over the next week 1/2cc each. They make me feel yucky and they delay my beta until May 19th - yep 17 effing days. It was nerve wracking last cycle and I expect nothing less this time around - hopefully the outcome will be different though! At least I have unpacking and decorating to keep me busy...

My butt should be on the couch so I am going to wrap this up. Off to eat some fresh pineapple and watch "The Queen" & "27 Dresses" while the embabies snuggle in. Did I mention that Sean takes phenomenal care of me? I am one lucky girl - he spoils me rotten!


Jill said...

Everything sounds sooo good. I can't wait for our good BFP news! I hope you can continue to have such wonderful patience in the 3ww. Booster shots again--boo!!

Try to rest up and watch those movies!! Enjoy your lazy weekend!!

Jen said...

What a great report!
Enjoy your rest have have a great weekend.

Kristen said...

What beautiful news! Everything sounds textbook perfect. I hope that these 17 days fly by and I will be eagerly awaiting your GREAT news!! Have a great RESTFUL weekend!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

I watched 27 Dresses after my transfer too. I love the mindless romantic comedies while I'm on couch-rest.

Snuggle in little embabies!!!

Christi said...

Booster shots are EVIL!!!