Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Try, try again

Over the past few days I have started to feel much better. In a surprising turn of events, we decided to pursue another fresh cycle immediately. The clinic used my the blood from my beta as my cd3 b/w and it was good, so away we go!

We were thinking of taking a break for a month or two; however, the nurse was kind enough to help me lay out my cycles for March, April, & May. April was out b/c it interfered with the kids finals and I would never leave them high and dry during that time. May was out b/c my er/et would have coincided with the time the clinic closes for lab cleaning, vacations, research etc... So it was go now or wait until the end of June, so we went for it.

It really helped me I think. I am already focused on the next cycle and not dwelling on the last one. I am still sad, but the ridiculous optimism has already crept back in and I am excited for #2!

We are keeping this cycle more private and not making any "announcements" to friends about a new cycle. I have told my mom and Amanda, but that is it so far. It is really Sean's decision - he thinks it will be less stressful to keep it quiet. We haven't decided if we will tell his family or not...

So, I am back on BCP and start Lupron on April 10th...Here we go again!


Jill said...

Girl--I'm so happy for you. I knew cycling again would make you feel better. This is going to be your BFP happy ending!!!

Kristen said...

I applaud you for jumping right back into another cycle, Emily! Your body is already used to the meds, so that has to be a good thing. I'll be anxiously watching your progress and will be there to cheer on your BFP in the end!!