Thursday, March 6, 2008

A miracle in a petri dish

Ok, so I obviously have not updated in quite awhile! Things have been so busy for us...

Stims went really well - I ended up stimming for 9 nights, triggered on Sunday 3/2, had egg retrieval (ER) on 3/4 and we have transfer (ET) in the morning!!! I cannot believe how quickly it flew by!

ER was better than I expected it would be. The twilight anesthesia is so nice - no side effects & no "hang over" type feeling. Dr. B collected 10 little eggs & all 10 were mature (which is great news). I had some cramping & pressure but nothing a little sofa time & pampering didn't take care of.

Sean was very cute at ER, he asked embryologist if she could please select the sperm that were swimming with hockey sticks. It just cracked me right up & then all I could picture were all the little sperm & eggs - some with hockey sticks, some tossing a football, reading a novel, wearing ballet slippers and it made me smile!

Our fertilization report was fantastic - we had 8 out 10 fertilize & today (day 2) they are all between 2-6 cells, so we are in good shape for tomorrow's transfer.

Sean & I keep joking around about calling to check on "the kids" or "wondering how are babies are doing?" It is really crazy when you start to think about it - as Amanda said - hopefully they will all be people some day & we can say "I remember when you were 2 little cells in a petri dish!" It blows me away, really. Yet another day of being so filled with optimism & the belief in the power of medicine & miracles...

I believe IVF really is the meeting of the 2 - the hand of science & the hand of God coming together to create life...

Here's to our miracle!


Kristi said...

I love that, the hand of science and the hand of God, so true!

Jill said...

Hey Em,

Again, I'm so pulling for you. Can't wait to see that BFP post in a few weeks!

Hope you're taking care of yourself and getting plenty of rest!!