Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Strange Bedfellows

Ah...Hope & Despair. Has there ever been such strange bedfellows? I am vacillating between the two daily. Welcome to the world of the IVF 2ww!

After yesterday's funk, I am flying pretty high today. I had lunch with my best friend, Amanda. We had a nice day - talking, laughing, eating - pretty typical for us! We also spent some time playing with color combinations for her super cute creations @ piecemeal people. She made my niece this monogram for her 16th b-day and I can't stop smiling every time I look at it. How cute is it??? It is even cuter in the white frame that we picked up. I hope Victoria likes it as much as I do! I also hired her to make 3 more sets for my other nieces for Christmas gifts. I'm addicted!

After our visit, I headed to Target and bought myself a sweater set for Thanksgiving. Target always makes me feel better, but I had to show some restraint. So many cute things. I did pick up a deadly weapon while I was there - pregnancy tests! Downright dangerous for me! Let the obsessing over testing begin!!!

In a little bit, I am off to get a haircut, manicure and eyebrow wax. I am so looking forward to that, I cannot even tell you.

I still need to pack and pick up the house a little before we leave for Buf.falo tomorrow. I HATE coming home to a messy house. Since I might walk right through the door on Saturday night and crawl into bed for several days due to depression over another failed cycle, I figure I better prepare. I guess the upside is that maybe I will be pg and need to crawl into bed out of sheer pregnancy exhaustion. Either way, clean house it is!

I am looking forward to going home, sorta. It is going to be an emotional week no matter how this turns out...

Overall, today I feel fantastic. Some cramping late last night, vivid dreams and VERY, VERY thirsty. Other than that, I just feel like myself. Yesterday, well that was a different story.

See, I told you - Hope and Despair - strange bedfellows indeed. Hope I enjoy, Despair - not so much!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are riding Hope today. Ah... target... love that store. And I always take a restraint with me when I go there... its called DH! I know... sad!
I am keeping my fingers crossed that this week finishes positively for you. I will be rooting for you. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

M. said...

I think it's totally normal to feel the way you do. I hate the 2WW because you can't help but feel the way you do -- the rollercoaster of emotion.

I'm happy you'll be in Buffalo -- at least you'll have a ton of family-related distractions!

And on a side note, I HATE coming home to a dirty house! It drives me nuts, too :)

Also, thanks for saying I'm not too big or too little...although I still haven't posted a belly pic, so really you're just guessing :)

Virginia said...

I love love love the intials. Is she in business doing this? does she sell them on the web? So happy to hear your chipper report today.

Lisa said...

Will you be posting while you're away....or, at least, emailing me??!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're in "hope" mode today. Hang in there, & enjoy Thanksgiving!

Lost in Space said...

I hope today is another "hope" day for you, Emily. The 2ww after IVF in combination with progesterone and estrogen supplements is just cruel and unusual punishment. Sending lots of positive thoughts that your Saturday is spent resting from shear pregnancy exhaustion. Hang in there!!

Lisa said...

I hear ya! I'm been going crazy between hope and fear too.

It's nice that you have the holidays to occupy you for a few days, and take your mind off it -- even though I know it'll be impossible.

I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you. And hope hope hope that you get your BFP.

Jill said...

I so despise these crazy roller coaster of emotions. I have lots of hope for you and pray that you'll have some great news very soon!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Lea said...

I just found your blog and wanted to wish you tons of luck!!! I hope you get a nice clear BFP when you test.

P.S. I have a mini-schnauzer too! :)

Clio said...

Sending you all sorts of positive vibes so you keep on riding hope most of the time.
Enjoy your thanksgiving!
I also looove Target, it makes me happy too!