Saturday, November 15, 2008

That's Our Story And We're Sticking To It!!

Sean and the guys are playing cards and having a few beers. Sean decided to casually ask what time they are thinking about getting on the road. They said 9ish. Sean dropped his voice and said, "Well, Emily is having a little procedure tomorrow -you know 'female stuff' -and we have to get on the road kinda early. Not sure when we'll be home or how she'll be feeling, so I hope you don't mind seeing yourselves out. Em feels really bad about not being here and she didn't even want to have to tell anyone she was having another procedure, so let's not bring it up at all..."

Something to that effect anyway. They bought it hook, line and sinker! They are men after all and they are drinking beer and any talk of "female stuff" freaks them right out. Hopefully they don't run home and tell the wifeys because then it will be 20 questions. Oh well, buys me a few days anyway! Thanks for all the ideas!

They had a fantastic time at the Navy vs. Notre Dame game today and a great visit overall. I, on the other hand, am ready to have my house back. From left to right - my father in law -Chuck, my hubby, my nephew -Vinny and brother-in-law- Dave

I am feeling ready for tomorrow. Feeling hopeful and optimistic. I have fingers crossed for at least 8. The most we have had is 11. We have always had all but one or two mature and our fertilization rates hover around 95%, so I am hoping for more of the same. Is that asking too much!

I feel really good today. Usually the day after trigger is terrible for me - sore, bloated, nauseous, but I feel damn near 100% today. Sleepy though. I have always done Novarel in the past and this was generic - I have no idea if that is making any difference or if my e2 being lower is playing a part, but I will take it.

I have been really wanting to post something more heartfelt and emotional, but I think all the testosterone in my house is killing my creativity! I can't truly let myself feel everything going on in my head or heart right now; it's a slippery slope and I am trying to create the appearance of normalcy for tonight. More time to reflect in the coming weeks.

In other news, I hope you will join me in welcoming my best friend, Amanda, to the blogging world. She launched her blog today and could use some positive feedback. Her blog, Piecemeal People, is her forum to introduce the super cute mosaic art she creates. Her work is original and adorable and 100% customizable. I hope you will visit her link and be inspired. One warning - she is a mom and children are mentioned on her site. Also, her work on display right now is very "child" orientated, but she does other stuff too!

I have already hired her to make a monogram for my 16 year old niece and nursery artwork for my goddaughters' Christmas gifts. I had the pleasure of receiving a portrait of Sean & I for my college graduation gift and everybody comments on it when they see it for the first time.

Amanda is my chosen family. She is as close to a sister to me as I've ever known. She is an ENORMOUS source of support for me and I hope to be the same for her as she ventures into a new exciting phase in her life. Thanks for taking a minute to visit her link and browse her work.

I am off to have a cup of peppermint tea, read some of Eclipse and head to bed. 4am comes awfully quick. I'll update tomorrow!!! Thanks again for all your support!


Anonymous said...

4 am?
Yikes. I won't complain about having to get to my doctor by 11:30 tomorrow.
Sounds like you'll be done by the time I'm just getting going. Fingers crossed for us both that tomorrow - and the next 9 months after tomorrow - goes perfectly.

Leslie Laine said...

I've been thinking about you today - glad you came up with such a convincing tale for the in-laws. Sounds perfect!

Hoping for a great ER tomorrow and great fertilization rate! This is it!!

Thoughts and prayers are with you!


Lisa said...

So excited that your trigger went well!! I'm thinking good thoughts for you for a great ER. I hope they get lots of eggs, and you get a great fert. report!!! I'm just about a week ahead of you and I know how nerve racking the whole thing is. Hang in there. I will hope and pray for some great numbers!!


Lisa said...

Good luck!!!! I will be thinking good eggy thoughts for you!

RMCarter said...

I feel hopeful and excited for you. I felt a surge of positive energy just reading your blog! Okay, that sounds cheesy, but it's true! :)

I'll be sleeping when you head into your appointment (I'm on the west coast), but will wake up saying prayers for your comfort and peace.

Virginia said...

you'd better believe that those guys are going to bring up the "female problems" to their wives. But not to worry, people know to keep those questions to themselves... Speculating all the while.

I think the story is great!